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Fiscal printer SPARK-800TK

Fiscal printer-SPARK 800TK is based on the printer model SPARK-801T.

Fiscal printer-SPARK 800TK includes the fiscal block and an electronic control tape securely that would enable Unrecoverable registration and volatile long-term storage of information on the final cash settlements with the population, and provides the possibility of control by tax authorities for the full accounting of revenue in the application of CMC.


  • Easy refill paper and the presence of an automatic cutter can significantly improve the efficiency of the cashier;
  • SPARK 800TK uses thermal paper in the form of rolls of width 80 mm.;
  • Width of the check allows you to place all the necessary information;
  • SPARK 800TK supports two types of interfaces: RS-232 (COM port) and USB interface;
  • The ability to upload a company logo for its future printing; Function alarm went off when the paper is over or there are few.