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Panasonic JS-960 WS

Panasonic revolutionized the point of sale (POS) market with the introduction of JS-960 WS, the industry's first modular workstation. Now the innovator in POS technology continues to lead the way with the introduction of JS-960 WS. JS-960 WS breaks new ground in versatility, with virtually unlimited mounting options ideal for a wide range of applications; JS-960 WS is modular, saving you time and money. Designed with the environment in mind, JS-960 WS also helps to preserve Earth's resources along with your own. In tough economic times, it makes even more sense to choose a brand known for decades as a provider of high quality products that are both durable and reliable. All this makes JS-960 WS the evolution that's right for you, right now.

More Great Features

  • Open Platform to run virtually any software
  • Industry-leading speed more than doubles the performance of earlier Stingray models
  • Smaller footprint saves valuable space with a sleek, aesthetically pleasing appearance in any workplace environment
  • I/O Panel on top of workstation for easier cable management and peripheral troubleshooting
  • 10 USB Ports with 2 powered to run peripheral devices like customer facing LCD, cash drawer or printer

More Great Options

  • Rear screens engage customers
    • 2-line Order Confirmation and static POP
    • 12” Interactive Order Confirmation/POP
    • 15” Interactive Order Confirmation/POP (touchscreen optional)
  • Magnetic stripe readers (MSR) speed service, add functionality
    • MSR supports 3 tracks of data
    • MSR with fingerprint improves business efficiency; integrates with MSR for cleaner appearance
  • Touchscreen improves order input speed and accuracy
    • Resistive or capacitive
    • Long life LED backlight for industry leading brightness
    • Adjustable for user comfort

Envo’s smart design helps streamline business

  • 2 HDD or SDD with RAID provides more storage options
  • More power to run other technology from the workstation such as back office applications or digital signage without the POS performance suffering
  • Built-in speakers pointed down
    • Won’t interfere with customer interaction
    • Protected from spills
    • Allows training videos to run on workstation
  • Super quiet fan won’t interfere with customer communications
  • No extra parts required under the counter simplifies installation, maintenance