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Our clients

Solutions for chains restaurants.

Possibility receiving consolidated reports from each outlet or the enterprise in a whole on-line.

  • Income statement
  • Profit and loss statement
  • The proceedings of the cashier
  • Report the average check
  • Turnover
  • Inventory report
  • Sales Report
  • Report on Procurement
  • Report on the Supply

The system of management accounting, which allows you to create reports for the owners, showing the overall picture of the "fact \ plan" throughout the enterprise.

  • Statistical reporting
  • Analytical reports
  • Reporting Plan \ a fact for the year as a percentage
  • Profit and loss statement, in comparison with the previous year as a percentage

System hot keys and centralized price list, which allows you to copy from the central office all the settings on the hot keys and send the price list, click a button on all the outlets of restaurant network.

Possibility to implement Loyalty program. Allows customers to receive discounts throughout the enterprise network restaurant. And so, also makes it possible to perform various actions with the bonus points accumulation, etc.

Possibility to integrate the system of improving employee motivation. Various reports in the system of motivation. Provide an opportunity to hold corporate events in the chain of restaurants, both among restaurants, and among all employees of the company. The system of incentives and competition, improves service levels and the total revenue the restaurant.

  • Report on the average consumption
  • Report on labor productivity
  • Sales Report by types of payments
  • Sales Report by product groups
  • Report on discounts

Benefits for individual restaurants:

  • Easy cash register interface. The module is adapted to work on the touch screens. The intuitive interface makes it possible to self-improvement of cashiers. Flexible configuration allows you to set access control for all staff to the same interface. Can an independent set of hot keys to the specifics of each front-office of company.
  • The control system banquet halls - Workplace Administrator banquets, allows owners to keep track of not only information on the banquet, guests and revenue, but also to monitor the work of managers themselves.
  • The reporting system is separated from the core system, which allows customers to edit their own reports to suit your needs, without the help of developers.
  • Management accounts system.
  • Back-office system for restaurants absorbed the eight years of experience with different types of restaurants, cafes and bars. Since the our customers are, and chain restaurants and some elite, a restaurant management system contains a great experience and functionality for accounting calculator, technologist, accountant, restaurant, directors, managers and owners of this business.
  • Convenient storage reports that can be reconfigured in a convenient user interface, designed specifically for accountants.
  • The versatility of the system allows solving any challenges and building any business processes of the restaurant facility.